Monday 14th October 2013, marked the beginning of our annual challenge “Adopt a young person.” We at T.I.P believe that every young person needs structure, a home and love amidst other needs.  We all have a collective responsibility in regards to our community and young people.  Let us remember that, though it takes a person/family to have a child, it takes a whole village to raise that child; thus we all have a responsibility towards our young people & our community as a whole.

Our challenge “Adopt a young person”, challenge us all to adopt a young person within our community, church, mosque, school etc by being committed to praying for, feeding, mentoring, supporting a young person and their family or otherwise for 30-60 day period.  We can all do something to reach out young people in our midst, thus we have nothing to lose; but we only stand to gain by empowering a young person.

Please take part in this challenge as there is no I in We.  If you feel that what happens in your community is not your concern; it will eventually filter through your door.  Please do not wait until that time.

Take part in this challenge and change the live/lives of our young people.  Document all your stories, challenges, inspiring changes.  Send us your stories via twitter, facebook, email etc.

“Help us to empower young people to become the leaders of today and tomorrow.”

18th October 2013

Another great session on  Thank you @YACnCAY Dr Idowu @nancysanyu @aadvisory @Councillor Aminu-Lambeth Deputy Mayor and @Mr Eze Nacho.  Join us next Friday 25th October from 7-8pm, for a vibrant and live debate.

Wonderful training session today @HCVS, delivered by T.I.P.  Young people found training session informative.  See you all on Wednesday 23rd October 2013.

11th October 2013

Wonderful interview @ Ben  Thanks to Dr. Idowu @YACnCAY @Mr Eze Nacho. Tune next week and join us from 7-8pm.

31st August 2013

We had another fab Street Law Seminar today. Well done to our youth ambassadors & all team T.I.P.  We are grateful for the support of Nancy Sanyu and Bridgette York, who consistently support the seminars to ensure its a success. Our seminars will be back, watch this space for further information.

01st August 2013

We had a fantastic training session today.  We are grateful for the commitment of our youth ambassadors to create change, for their peers and communities.  Well done TeamTIP.  See you on Monday.

30th July 2013

The Home Secretary extends consultation regarding Stop & Search.  It is splendid news to hear that the Home Secretary has extended the Stop & Search consultation for another 6 weeks, providing members of the public with more time to have their say; on this crucial issue.  The consultation will close on 24th September 2013.

We will be publishing further information on community forums, workshops and outreach points were members of the community, can get involved and have their say on this issue.

In the meantime, click on the link below to get involved in the consultation and have your say.  Make sure your voice is heard:

29th July 2013

Today, 3 women were stabbed in Brixton.  These events were targeted incidents of Domestic Violence. One of the women, namely Keisha McKenzie aged 28 years old, tragically lost her life.  The 2 other women namely Saffron Yeboah-Simpson (17years old) and Joan Wade (46yrs old) are in hospital.  These incidents of violence are truly disturbing.

Violence against women and girls is totally unacceptable.  All those who perpetrate violence should be held accountability and brought to justice.

The perpetrator of this atrocious crimes-Desmond Brooks (42 years old)has been arrested and charged.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.  R.I.P Keisha McKenzie.  We must stand together to say no to violence against women and girls.

If anyone is affected by this issue or worried about someone affected by Domestic Violence, help and support is available; do not suffer in silence; please contact the organisations listed below for help and advice:

Advocates Advisory Service (information, legal advice and advocacy for those experiencing Domestic violence)

07903 420 616

Victim  Support (for emotional help and support)

020 7277 1433 (9.00am-5.00pm)

Lambeth Gaia Centre (for people experiencing Domestic Violence and other forms of gender based violence)

020 7733 8724

In an emergency, please dial 999.

27th July 2013

We had our Street Law Seminar today.  Our Youth Ambassador’s provided a visible presence on Rectory road, whilst interviewing members of the community questions; based on our “Guess What” questionnaires.  Our Youth Ambassadors interviewed approximately 70 people and only one person knew the answers to the questions in relation to Stop & Search and Joint Enterprise, but the other 69 knew the musical and other questions asked, but nothing about Stop & Search or Joint Enterprise.

This exercise further confirms the fact that most people are aware of things, which are irrelevant and will not aid or assist them when in crises, but are unaware of information crucial to their rights and responsibilities and in ensuring their rights are nor infringed. Majority of people interviewed believed, prior to undertaking the questionnaire that they did not have any right in relation to this issue.

We will continue to undertake the questionnaires with members of the community, during our outreach and will keep you informed of the outcome.  In the meantime, our next Street Law Seminar is on Saturday 31st August at the Beckers Community Centre.  Join us and discover your rights, do not wait until its too late.

26th July 2013

We would like to thank Hackney community for coming out yesterday and sharing their views, in regards to the Stop & Search Public consultation.  We had a diverse group of attendees, which made the debate more fiery.  Participants came from various wards and told us exactly what they thought about this issue, they shared very interesting view points.  A lot of the participants shared their personal experiences and informed us that until the debate began, they did not realise that they felt such passion in regards to this issue.

Our Youth Ambassadors provided a presence on Rectory road, throughout the debate and they interviewed various members of the community obtaining their views about this crucial issue.

We would also like thank Nancy Sanyu-Solicitor ( Tuckers Solicitors) for her input and commitment to the Idris Project.  We are grateful to all our staff, volunteers and Youth Ambassadors’, without whom we would not be able to continue to empower the community.  Thank you for your tenacity and commitment to the organisation.

We will be posting the pictures from the event very soon on our gallery.  We will also be posting the report detailing the views shared on the topic.

We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at the Street Law Seminar, which will take place at the Beckers Community Centre, Rectory Road. London. N16 7QX from 2.30 pm-5.30 pm.

19th July 2013

It is that time again, yes you have guessed correctly-Street Law Seminar.  Our seminar this month is titled “the three R’s-Rules, Regulations and Rights”. Join us and find out the rules, regulations and your rights about Stop & Search, Joint Enterprise and more. Our seminar will be held at the Beckers Community Centre, Rectory Road. London. N16 7QX, on Saturday 27th July from 2.30 pm-5.30 pm.

On Thursday 25th July, we will be at the Beckers community centre, Rectory road. N16 7QX from 3.00 pm-6.00 pm.  Come along and have your say in regards to Stop & Search-the Government’s public consultation.  In order to create change, we must take action, so join us and take action to ensure that the Government hear what you have to say.

16th July 2013

Get involved in the Government’s public consultation on Stop & Search (Police powers).  Click on the link below and provide your views by answering the questions; to ensure your voice is heard:

We will also be at The Beckers Community centre, Rectory road. London. N16 7QX on Thursday 25th July 2013 from 3pm-6pm.  Attend and share your views, come and be counted.

09th July 2013

On Thursday 25th July, join us at the Beckers community centre; to ensure that your voice is heard, in relation to the public consultation re: Stop & Search.  Come along and share your views. The workshop starts at 3pm. If you are unable to attend, please email or tweet us your views  regarding this crucial issue.

03rd July 2013

On 02nd July 2013, Theresa May-Home Secretary announced that she would like to obtain a public consultation; which would provide the communities views in regards to Stop & Search, as based on the current Stop & Search only 9% results in arrests.  Evidence further shows that Black & Asian people are 7 times more likely to be Stopped & Searched, thus showing unfair targeting of specific ethnicity.  It is understood that Stop & Search is essential, but an abuse of the process is unnecessary, thus the Home Office has opened a consultation providing a platform for your voice to be heard on this important issue.

You can tweet, fb or email your views to us on this issue, as united we stand and divided we fall. Our Street outreach team will be around different boroughs, if you see them please feel free to have a chat and inform them of your views.  We will also be running workshops to collate your views, so do attend as you have to be in it to take part.

29th June 2013

Our Street Law Seminar on Saturday 29th June 2013, was perfect with lovely weather and a great turn out.  Thank you to all our Youth Ambassadors, Guest speakers, participants and Hackney residents, who all worked together to make the seminar a success.

We received positive feedback and we will be back on Saturday 27th July 2013, promises to be an event not to be missed.

June 2013

Our Street Law seminar is back by popular demand.  We are hosting our seminar on Saturday 29th June at 2.30pm. It will be delivered by one of our Youth Ambassadors’-Taybah Chowhoury.

The seminar is aimed at young people residing, studying and working in Hackney, aged 11-25yrs old, parents/carers, professionals and all community members.

The seminar will cover topics such as, Stop & Search, law of association,telephone surveillance amidst other topics.

The seminar will be held at The Beckers Community Centre, Rectory road. London. N16 7QX at 2.30pm.

There will be a question and answer panel. This event is free, but donations are welcome. There will free refreshments provided.

Join us and find out your rights. Remember knowledge is power, so place yourself in a position of power.

“An injustice anywhere, is an injustice everywhere”. (Martin Luther King)

23rd May 2013

On Saturday 25th May 2013 at 2.30pm, join us at the Empire 2-the Bullion rooms, Wilton Way. E8 1EJ.  We are hosting our monthly Street Law Seminar, which aims to create an awareness of young people’s rights and responsibilities; in regards to issues such as Stop & Search, including the Law of Association, Criminal Legal aid, changes and impact; telephone surveillance amidst other topics.

The Street Law Seminar will be delivered by one of our Youth Ambassadors-Sebastian Fontennelle.  There will be guest speakers and celebrities appearances, such as Bridgette York LLB-Senior Solicitor-Tuckers Solicitors, Shizzio-Brit Asia TV, Paschal Kane (Director of Insight) and Andy Crowe-Essex Coalition of Disabled people, Paul Fletcher-High Rollers for London, Ahmed Salim amidst others.

There will be an question and answer panel with the speakers. This event is free, refreshments will also be served.  We are encouraging all young people studying or residing in Hackney, between the ages of 11-25years old to attend and find out their rights.

Do not wait until you suffer injustice to find out your rights.


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